Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shooting My Hometown's Sinulog's Festival Queen

As if I don't have enough projects and goals for 2014 yet, here is another one: to improve my photography and earn from it.

Luckily, January welcomed me with a message if I was free to photograph the Sinulog's Festival Queen of Tuburan, my hometown. How could I say no.

It was my first time working for the Local Government Unit. It was fun. Young and energetic Tuburanons organized the photo shoot. Ma'am Cita Balbedo supervised them. They allowed me to run my own show. 

Good thing, the FQ, Jael, is natural, elegant, naturally elegant. So it was not hard to shoot her. Despite the press of time, we were able to have the necessary frames that Sinulog Foundation Inc required. 

Here are the photos. If I had to play favorites, I love the frames in Molobolo—the pool fed by a natural spring. The aerial roots of the massive dakit made an impressive background for Jael's beauty.

I'm thankful to the team who helped me. 

My year started right! Photographically! Yay!  

Welcomed the year right, 

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