Thursday, April 07, 2016

Mardie and Glenn | An Affair Down South

Mardie and I were classmates in one of those MA-Lit classes I barely showed up. But she knows I love traveling a lot that it is pretty obvious I prioritize it over my finishing MA.  Out of nowhere, she messaged me if I can shoot and her partner, Glenn. I just got Loca then, a Lumix GX7, and I wanted to test her camera-ness.

Mardie and Glen live in Dumanjug. And funny it may sound, even though southern Cebu is a monthly affair for me, Dumanjug is one of those little towns that I bypass because they simply merge into a single town. I'm talking about the stretch of Dumanjug, Ronda, Alcantara. So, I said yes, because doing so, would somehow force me get off the bus and see this little town. I thanked, Mardie, for that. Dumanjug is a lovely town. 

Dumanjug and then Moalboal became a background, a witness of these two's lovely moments. Thank you, Hale Manna, for allowing us to shoot the place.  

Here are some of those Mardie and Glen's lovely moments Loca captured. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ka Bino Guerrero | History on Foot

He wore a fusion of the new and the old: a white barong, jeans, and black shoes. With his cane and native hat, he looked like a gallant sage. When I asked him to find a position he was most comfortable, it did not take him long to find one. He squared his shoulders and looked contemplative with his gaze fixed somewhere. Balbino Pada “Ka Bino” Guerrero Jr. is a character: the one that belongs to streets of Cebu.

Perhaps this is the very reason his name resonates in the tour guiding industry. He knows his craft.

For this Negrense by birth and Cebuano by choice, tour guiding is not a mere act of going around rather it is a walk down the aisle of history and a walk to the road of learning and understanding our collective past.

—an excerpt on my article on him. Read the whole profile on my blog.